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Interrelated Download :   CPU Card_Smart COS_ Data Sheets.EN.pdf


M&W SmartCOS-XC operating system is a high-end COS specially developed by M&W for PKI application. It is of the following characteristics:
1) Faster communication rate
With standard USB interface equipment and self-contained smart card chip complying with USB1.1 specification, eKey has communication rate as high as 12Mbps while that of other products in the same category is often 76.8Kbps.
2) More complying specifications
The self-contained SmartCOS-XC smart operating system complies with ISO7816-1~ISO7816-9 international standard while other products in the same category (including our SMARTCOS-PK) only complies with ISO7816-1~ISO7816-4.
Appendix: ISO7816-1~ ISO7816-10 specification descriptions
ISO/IEC 7816 Identification cards-Integrated circuit(s) cards with contacts

Part 1: Physical characteristics 1998

Part 2: Dimensions and location of the contacts 1998

Part 3: Electronic signals and transmission protocols 1997

Amendment 1 (1992) : Protocol T=1

Amendment 2 (1994) : Revision of Protocol Type Selection

Part 4: Inter-industry commands for interchange 1995

Part 5: Numbering system and registration procedure for application identifiers 1994(1st edition)

Amendment 1 (CD) : Registration of identifiers

Part 6: Inter-industry data element

Part 7: Inter-industry commands for Structured Card Query Language

Part 8: Security architecture and related inter-industry commands

Part 9: Identification cards-Integrated circuit(s) cards with contacts: security control scheme
Part 10:Electronic signals and answer to reset for synchronous cards

3) Flexible file architecture with perfect functions
Unnecessary designation of file space in establishment of MF and DF files;
Separate erasability of MF, DF and EF files;
Supports 5-level directory architecture expansion and applicable to multi-application system (up to 3-level architecture in domestic products in the same category now);
Selects files directly according to file path or identification (DF supports selection according to file name);
Adds file type of private signed key. The private key can only be generated by eKey. Exterior writing is not supported to ensure absolute security of private signed key.
4) More efficient and perfect security access scheme
MF and DF can sets up various operation authorities such as establishment, activation, failure, cancellation and termination while EF file supports various authorities such as activation, failure, cancellation, termination, modification and writing.
The key in any directory file can control the security access authority of any file across directories and jointly control the access authority of any file through And / Or relations of various keys.
5) More perfect key service system
Passes technical authentication conducted by national security management department (National Security Bureau);
Supports SSF33 and DES/3DES block key algorithms certified by National Security Bureau;
Supports RSA 1024-byte, RSA 2048-byte (optional) and ECC 192-byte (optional) public-key algorithm operations;
Supports all the products in the same category of ECC and RSA key algorithms, which is also the unique one with this function at home;
Rapidly generates RSA or ECC key pairs in eKey chip through pure hardware modes;
Encrytion / decrytion in eKey chip through pure hardware modes;
Support SHA-1 and MD5 (optional) hash algorithms;
True random number generator based hardware in chip.



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