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Popular RFID Card

001Most popular RFID card of MW with NXP mifare S50 are mainly be used RFID application with good security such as public transportation ticket system ;High way tolling system, Access Control ; Identification;

1) Outline

MIFARE LIGHT card is a small-capacity cards,with total of 384bit, suitablefor a use of a card.

2) Key Indicators

  • Capacity of 384
  • Numerical calculation using 16-bit
  • 128-bit data area (if not purse can up to 192 documents)

一、Key Indicators

  • Capacity of 8K-bit EEPROM
  • Divided into 16 sectors, each sector for the four, each 16 bytes, to block the access unit
  • Each sector has a separate set of passwords and access control
  • Each card has a unique serial number for 32-bit
  • With anti-collision mechanism and supports multiple card operation


  • Capacity of 32K-bit EEPROM;
  • Each sector has a separate set of passwords and access control;
  • Each card has a unique serial number for 32-bit;
  • With anti-collision mechanism and supports multiple card operation;
  • No power, comes with antenna, includes encryption control logic and communication logic circuit;
  • Data retention period of 10 years, can be rewritten 100,000 times, time unlimited;
  • Operating frequency: 13.56MHZ;
  • Communication Rate: 106KBPS;
  • Reading and writing distance: 10mm or less (related to the reader).
  • How it works: The electrical part of card is componented only with one antenna and ASIC.
  • Antenna: The antenna of card is only a few winding coil group, it is suitable for packaging to IS0 card.
  • ASIC:The ASIC is componented with a high-speed card (106KB baud rate) of the RF interface, a control unit and a EEPROM .


  • Capacity of 512, divided into 16 pages, 4 bytes
  • Programmable read-only locking function per page
  • 32 one-time programming area that user can definable 
  • 384 users reading, writing area
  • Data can be retained for 2 years to rewrite the 1000 cycle
  • Unique 7 byte serial number
  • Operating frequency:13.56MHZ
  • Communication rate:106KBBaud rate
  • Conflict prevention: can handle multiple cards in the same time
  • Read-write distance:In less than 100mm (with antenna related)
  • No power within

 一、RF card production process of M&W:
  1.Ultrasonic wave Plant line Precision        Welding Technology:
  Effect: very good
  Introduction of advanced Ultrasonic wave Plant line Device and Accurate touch welding equipment,accurate control of plant size and plant line depth 、coil and line spacing,precise control welding touch pad location ,touch welding  pressure and energy.Can make the read and write frequency and write coil distance get an accurate control performance,can make the product meet the strict ISO / IEC 14443 technical specifications,and can adjusted according to customer specific requirements.Advanced touch welding technology to ensure a reliable degree of welding firm, thus ensuring the life of the card.
  Application Success Stories: "Guangzhou Yangcheng Tong" project, "metro" project, "Guangzhou temporary residence permit" projects etc.


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