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RF Card Production Method

  1.Ultrasonic wave Plant line Precision        Welding Technology:
  Effect: very good
  Introduction of advanced Ultrasonic wave Plant line Device and Accurate touch welding equipment,accurate control of plant size and plant line depth 、coil and line spacing,precise control welding touch pad location ,touch welding  pressure and energy.Can make the read and write frequency and write coil distance get an accurate control performance,can make the product meet the strict ISO / IEC 14443 technical specifications,and can adjusted according to customer specific requirements.Advanced touch welding technology to ensure a reliable degree of welding firm, thus ensuring the life of the card.
  Application Success Stories: "Guangzhou Yangcheng Tong" project, "metro" project, "Guangzhou temporary residence permit" projects etc.
  2.Printing Coil technology process:
  Effect: very good
  M&W has developed mature and reliable printing coil production process,is the international forefront production technology;Use the most advanced internatinal technology flip chip to the chip and coil for welding,Welding solidity is the same as M&W maturity digital control precision welding technology.As accurate calculation of technical parameters related to the coilprinted before the printing, and stictly control it in the printing process.Therefore, the performance like the coil frequency and read-write distance get an accurate control,make the product  be in strict compliance with ISO / IEC 14443 specifications and etc.,also can be adjusted according to customer specific requirements.However, as with the international forefront of production technology,so their production processes are more complicated, require more stringent during the control process.

Successfully applied to various types of campus card and consumer cards

二、M&W card surface effects :
  1Rough surface process effect:
  Surface features:Surface uneven, was matte-like, shiny, surface stereoscopic cards. 

    Advantages and disadvantages: the card face effects can be maintained, not scratch, can not print, can Coding, bronzing.
  Application Success Stories: Guangzhou Yangcheng Tong project, metro projects         2. Fine matte process effect:
  Surface characteristics: surface smooth, shiny, but more bleak.
  Advantages and disadvantages of: surfaces easy to maintain, difficult to scratch, you can Coding, bronzing.  

  Application Success Stories: temporary residence permit in Guangzhou, Jiangsu Expressway, Guangzhou-Shenzhen highway
三、M&W card laser effects:

  Card surface "laser engraving" process effect:
   Using high-tech radio frequency laser equipment to mark on the PVC pipe material with contactless permanent marking;

 Anti-exposure, anti-wear, no fade;

  With good waterproof, moisture-proof performance;

  Application Success Stories: "Freeway" project, "Jiangsu Provincial Expressway" project, "Qingdao Bus" project, etc. 

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