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Interrelated Download: Reader Data Sheets.EN.pdf        RF-35LT-MEM-Contact&Contactless Reader Writer-ENG.pdf

 rf35lcd-smallThis is a combo reading and writing device with contact and contactless,it not only can be used as a transition of product migration from contact card to contactless card, but also as a dual-interface card or Java card reader devices.It is a  more intimate products for those users who need to use contact card and contactless card at the same time, this device has been widely used in electric power system.


  • Equipment Specifications:143 x 110 x 28 mm
  • Digital display: can display card number, time, date and other digital information. Can also expand the LCD.
  • Powerful features: In addition to the original contactless card's features, with a large deck to support the common-contact IC card or a dual interface card.
  • Expandable features: can extra a small deck according to users' need .
  • Communication Interface:RS232 interface、USB interface、RS485 interface optional.

Function Description:

  • It uses the encryption algorithms for  the data transmission between reader and  radio frequency card. It uses two-way authentication betweem cards and equipment, automatic detection of communication errors.
  • Anti-collision mechanism, can handle more than one radio card
  • With full function of reading and writing
  • Real-time clock display
  • With buzzer
  • Can support the operation of contact  IC card, easily  to plug,meet the read and write of  the dual interface card.
  • Provides a wealth of secondary development interface functions and examples

System Support:

Windows 9X 、 NT、2000、XP、WinMe etc.

Support Card Type:

1.Can read and write the RF Card which meet the ISO14443 standard : PHILIPS   company TYPEA MF1ICS50 (1K card), MF1ICS70 (4K card), MF1ICL10, MIFAREPRO, MIFAREDES, MF Ultralight, DESFire, SIEMENS company TYPEA, Shanghai Hua Hong's SHC1102, Fudan chip card and compatible with the card-based internal card;

2.The CPU card and SAM card which consistent with T = 0 and T = 1 protocol.

3.Can support contact IC card.:SLE4442、SLE4428、AT24CXX、AT88SC102( card type can be expanded)。

Typical applications:

This is a combo reading and writing device of contact and contactless.Can be used:

          1.The applications which contact and contactless card use at the same time

          2. The transition of products from contact card to contactless card.

          3 .Can be used as dual-interface card reader device, widely used in power  systems.

          4.Widely used in small consumer, member management system, business, tax and other fees places




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