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 The marketing of WLAN is increasing at high speed at present. The WLAN standard of Chinese own had been released on May2003, and it will be enforced. It's mean that the products, which do not follow the Chinese standard, cannot be sold domestic. The difference between Chinese standard and international standard is the part of security which Chinese standard replace WEP with WAPI of 802.11a,b/g ,and the security performance will be improved.

The three key arithmetic are involved in the WAPI. They are symmetry arithmetic, ECC and HASH. The government has list the 11 companies, which have been provided the arithmetic. Then the other companies, which produce the WLAN equipment, will cooperate with them and research the products, which follow the Chinese WLAN standard.

Shenzhen MingWah Aohan High Technology set up in 1992. The main services of shenzhen MingWah are smart card and information security. Shenzhen MingWah Aohan High Technology is the one of companies, which the Chinese government has list the first 11 companies. Before attending the WLAN marketing, Shenzhen MingWah Aohan High Technology has excellent technology and research accumulation. Shenzhen MingWah has researched the ECC arithmetic for years and taking part in the work, which constitute the ECC standard of China. Moreover, the performance engineering technology of ECC of our company is the best domestic. We have ported it to many platforms and verified, and got the good performance, such as SMARTCARD , PC (X86), embedded system and FPGA. We have supplied ECC module according to customer's requirement in many projects (such as mobile communication) to match the market urgent requirement.

Shenzhen MingWah will provide the two kinds of products in the WLAN marketing:
Total solution, equipment such as AP, ASU, STA;
Embedded module and research solution.
Shenzhen MingWah is cooperating with the companies, which has the advantage in WLAN field now, and will develop the products, which follow the Chinese WLAN standard and market requirement.



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